Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you a nice shopping website, made up of good and cool cerimony dresses.

Okdress is a website dedicated to cerimony dresses, such as the ones for bridesmaid, mother of bride or of groom, designed for all that women who want to find different, elegant and original dresses in a very short time (delivery is very safe and very quick). This website is special as owns a personal factory and often flowers and laces’ application are hand sewn.

I have chosen some of the lovely dresses available on the website, on the base of my personal idea of cerimony dress. As, for example the long blue dress, which is perfect for night cerimony, yes for its colour and for its lenght. You can find it here: LOVELY NIGHTBLUE DRESS.

Moreover the fist one loaded in this article, in burgundy is very special and its colour is always very original for a cerimony background. Do not hesitate to surf the web and type the lovely  okdress.co.uk. 


xoxo Momi


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